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Welcome to the Republic Barter & Trade – A community of Barter enthusiasts that believe in the freedoms enshrined by the Constitution for the United States of America

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The nation is the premier social network for barter and trade enthusiasts. Join today and be a part of the movement!


Barter & Trade

When you join our community of Barter enthusiasts, you get can post items or services to trade with other members. You can also access the full marketplace where you can find the things you need!



Meet like minded people from your area or from around the United States. Join or form groups of to connect with people with similar interests like cars, electronics, or anything else. Share pictures and videos. 


No Censorship

Join a social network where your voice can be heard without fear or censorship. On Republic Barter & Trade your constitutional rights are protected and respected.

Is membership free?

You can place barter ads for free, but we do have some premium options.

Membership in the Nation, our social network, starts at $10/year. You can see all of our membership plans HERE.

IMPORTANT: Membership in the Barter and Trade marketplace does not include Nation Membership.

What can I trade?

You can trade anything that is legal to possess AND exchange in the United States and your local jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure that all trades follow the laws where you live.

What if I do not live in the United States Of America?

You are free to be a part of our social network no matter where you live. However, trades are open living men and women of the United States of America  The classifieds section is closed to anyone outside the United States Of America.

Is it truly uncensored?

Yes! We are free speech absolutists and you are free to exercise that right. It is important to remember that freedom of speech does not mean things you say do not have consequences and you alone are responsible for the consequences of your speech. 
The only limitation we put on your speech are in compliance with the law. In simple terms, illegal content will not be tolerated and anyone posting such content will be permanantly banned.